Leading Businesses with Cyber Security Concerns

Leading Businesses with Cyber Security Concerns

Cyber security has never been more critical than it is right now. Every day, it seems as though a new story about a large organization falling victim to the latest cyber attack is published. Certain businesses, however, are more vulnerable than others.

The industries that are most concerned about cyber security are typically those with a great deal of influence. It’s critical to remember that cyber attacks are always on the lookout for two things – Low Hanging Fruit & Significant return with minimal effort.

Attackers prefer simple targets. Contrary to popular belief, there is no organized group of cyber criminals out to bring down “The Man,” as depicted on television. The largest attacks are not carried out by a small group of revolutionaries.

Typically, it is a group of individuals looking to earn a lot of money without having to work very hard for it. There is an entire black market for ransomware and other malicious software designed specifically to attack businesses.

Attackers are looking for a simple weakness that will allow them access. This could be accomplished through something as simple as a successful phishing attempt that grants backdoor access to some trojan. This could occur at a very low level within a large organization and spiral out of control to create a massive problem.

Thus, despite the fact that some of the largest industries have the most money to spend on cyber security, they continue to be the most targeted.

Here are some of the industries that are particularly susceptible to cyber attacks!

Health Insurance! Healthcare has historically been a high-profile target for cyber criminals. The field’s constant evolution and adoption of new technology make it a favorite of criminals. Electronic health records and remote patient monitoring are new additions that provide cyber criminals with new entry points. Additionally, there are numerous financial records in addition to highly personal health information. With all of this sensitive data, it’s an ideal target for ransomware.

Financial and banking services! This is unsurprising. If you consolidate financial transactions worth millions or billions of dollars in one location, you are almost certain to become a target. Banking information is a valuable target for cyber criminals. You have control over any organization if you freeze its funds. Additionally, they can determine the amount of money they can leverage a business for. The majority of organizations believe they are safer than they actually are. Accenture discovered in 2016 that while the majority of financial institutions believe their security measures are effective, one in every three attacks is successful.

Wholesale! We all recall when Target was hacked, exposing the personal information of millions of customers. However, numerous retail establishments are targeted on a regular basis. Retail is favored in the same way that financial institutions are. Retail establishments store credit card and other private information about their customers, which attackers adore. As a result, retail is a frequent target for those looking to steal your data.

Military and Government! This is a frightening prospect, but one that makes sense. Attackers are unconcerned about the source of their funding and are even willing to attack the government. Additionally, government typically has less security in certain areas than large organizations that can spend significantly more on the same solutions.

Every Individual is Vulnerable

While some industries are more vulnerable than others, everyone is at risk. As previously stated, attackers are unconcerned about who they attack. If your personal or business information is publicly available, you run the risk of being attacked.

Not every attacker goes after or requires millions of dollars from spying on large corporations. Some people do it solely for the ego’s sake, without regard for financial gain. However, the majority of attackers are looking for a quick and easy payout. Wouldn’t you be content to earn a couple thousand dollars doing virtually nothing? Likewise, your adversary would.

How to Ensure Your Safety

When it comes to cyber security, the first step is to adhere to fundamental online security measures. It’s amazing how much basic security precautions and awareness of threats can help.

However, businesses should always go the extra mile to ensure the security of their data. We recommend partnering with an exceptional cyber security team that can assist you in remaining secure.

Managed services teams, such as ours at Radiant Technology Solutions, have proven to be a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industries and organizations.

Contact us for a complimentary network assessment to learn how we can assist you in securing your business from a cyber attack before it’s too late!

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