Top Technology Trends to Implement in your Business in 2022

Top Technology Trends to Implement in your Business in 2022

During the pandemic we saw most companies transfer their businesses online and accelerate their digital initiatives. Since then, as things return to normal in 2022, many new technology and business trends have been implemented and more continue to arise. Businesses are now forced to keep up with the new trend-setting pace in the world of technology or fall behind as a company. These are the most trending developments so far in 2022 that you may be able to implement in your business to continue growing.

  • Distributed IT Infrastructure

Working remotely or in a hybrid mode became extremely common during the pandemic, and many companies continue to use these more flexible models. Nearly 70% of companies in multiple industries are adopting remote and cloud platforms to be able to access data from anywhere. This provides connectivity between all employees and helps boost productivity, speed, and agility as well as reducing expenditure and adopting asynchronous work models. Some industries that are rapidly adopting this trend are healthcare, IT, transport and logistics, telecommunications, and agriculture.

  • Edge Computing

Another issue besides accessibility that is a result of working remotely is processing time-sensitive information with limited connectivity. Edge computing is a fairly new technology that brings computation and data storage closer to the source, which allows businesses to save time and bandwidth when exchanging data. Many businesses are migrating their data to the cloud, and edge computing helps overcome some of the shortcomings of cloud technology by making data more reliable and accessible.

  • The Rise of the Metaverse

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced the Metaverse: a digital reality combining social media and augmented/virtual reality to enable more interactive shopping and social experiences in a virtual space. The platform aims to facilitate convenience and consumption by allowing frictionless access to many services including Facebook, Snapchat, and Zoom. This new trend is setting standards for many industries such as VR and AR, gaming, and communication technology.

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Domination Through Blockchain

Cybersecurity threats became much more prevalent during the pandemic as companies transferred their business and data online, leaving them vulnerable if unprepared. As a result, cybersecurity spending has seen a massive rise. Distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain have become popular in building a trust architecture that minimizes the risk of data breaches. It is even being used by companies such as Walmart to monitor and improve its supply chain.

  • Life Sciences Technology

Rising threats from the pandemic and an increase in environmental challenges in recent years has led to a peak in the life science industry which includes biotechnology, neuroscience, pharmaceuticals, and biophysics. As the eco-friendly movement gains traction as well, many businesses are starting to implement more environmentally sustainable practices such as going paperless, using solar gadgets and smart lights, and green supply chains.

  • Renewable Energy Technology

Awareness around climate change and global warming has also increased in recent years, causing many businesses to adopt sustainable energy practices. The energy sector saw significant growth during the pandemic, one of the only industries to do so. With this growth we can expect to see massive developments in the industries of solar, wind, nuclear, and biofuel energy. Developments such as green transport and energy efficient buildings may start to become the standard to be met for businesses that want to continue to grow.

These six trends provide a lot of great opportunities for businesses to get ahead and start rapidly growing in the right direction. As they become more and more common, it is time to start capitalizing on these trends when and where you can in your business.

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