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Radiant Technology Solutions has all the answers, with the IT and business expertise you need to simplify your transition to the cloud.

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Cloud Solutions

Your Business In The Cloud


Whether you need hosted email, cloud backup, or a hosted server/infrastructure. Radiant Technology Solutions can help design the right cloud (or hybrid cloud) approach to ensure you take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud without the expense of speed, accessibility, reliability and security.


Transferring your technology to the cloud simply means that the physical aspects of your IT – along with their management and maintenance – are delivered via the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.


Because your hardware, software, servers and applications are hosted in the cloud, you’ll be able to free up office space, save money, eliminate storage and cooling costs, upgrade your IT on the fly and say goodbye to frustrating technology management for good.


Cloud Services from Radiant Technology Solutions are:


  • Scalable – your technology can easily grow along with your business
  • Customizable – we build your IT solution around your specific business requirements
  • Mobile – access your files and applications from anywhere, anytime
  • Money-saving – cost-effective technology pays for itself faster
Out of the box most cloud platforms are not compliant with HIPAA, SOC or GDPR but with the correct implementation you can ensure compliancy. Radiant Technology Solutions can take the necessary steps to ensure your data meets the necessary requirements for your industry.
The short answer is yes. Even if your data is already stored in the cloud you should be backing it up.


While your data may be hosted in the cloud with Microsoft, Google or AWS your data is still your responsibility. Your data in the cloud is secure but that doesn’t mean it is not still vulnerable. Watch our video at the link below to find out why you should back up your data.


Why Should I Back Up Office 365?

Moving your business to the cloud offers a ton of benefits such as:


Access your info anywhere, with Any Device – Work on any device with an Internet connection.


Enhanced Security – Enterprise-grade security, encryption and real-time monitoring.


Fewer Servers – Eliminate the expenses that never of in-house servers.


Higher Productivity – Don’t be stopped by power or internet outages. Work from anywhere anytime.


Cost-effective – Predictable monthly fees and all-inclusive packages.

For being one of the best ways to ensure business continuity, the cloud is extremely affordable and can even help to reduce costs in some areas. However, There are a lot of cloud services and identifying which one is best for your business and what the total dollar amount will be depends on a number of factors. Contact Radiant Technology Solutions today to find the right cloud solution for your business.


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