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Technology can be complicated. Your systems can work perfectly one day and then give you headaches the next. Everyone has experienced some form of annoyance from a computer bug or keyboard malfunction. Problems are normal, and, there is no shame in needing some help here and there. Even when thing are running well, IT support should still be a high priority on your company’s checklist.

IT support comes in variety of options and it is important to consider all of the options when planning your company’s future. First, let us talk about what types of IT support exist. A company has the choice between having their own IT department, hiring freelance IT support, or hiring outsourced IT support. What is the difference?

IT Support Types


Large companies with larger budgets can usually afford to have their own IT department, small to medium businesses do not always have the same luxury. In-house IT departments are made up of direct employees that usually work for a salary. Because IT department employees work a full-time schedule, it is not always the best option for every company.

Full-time employees require paid time-off and benefits. If the IT person gets sick, who’s their back up?  Not to mention, most times you won’t have big problems and IT employees will get bored which can lead to other issues. When employees are bored and sitting around doing nothing, they won’t be learning the new skills required to keep your business up-to-date with the latest technology. In the end, you end up with higher costs.


Freelance IT Support is more flexible than in-house IT and this may be the cheaper solution, depending on how many hours you need. If there is a problem with the computer, freelance IT can be called in to check out the system. Freelancers will not always be familiar with your software/network, and they will not offer many services. There is just too much unpredictability and risk. Running a business is already a full time job and you probably do not want to go through freelancers hoping that they will keep your data and technology safe.


Outsourced IT support takes the knowledge, experience, and work force of a fully staffed IT department, and combines it with the flexibility of freelance IT support to make an ideal tech support solution that any company can trust and depend on.

Why Choose Outsourced IT?

Top 5 Reasons

1. Flexibility

Outsource companies offer greater redundancy to avoid gaps in your coverage. Every plan can be customized to the needs of your business and your company’s network. Pay for what you need and not for what you don’t.

2. Skill Set

Outsourced IT employees are constantly handling the IT needs of multiple companies, while IT departments are limited to one company. In addition, Employees are usually required to maintain up to date certifications for their industry partnerships. 

3. Cost

Avoid overhead for paid time off and benefits of a full-time employee. Depending on your needs, outsourced IT companies can offer flat or low hourly rates.

4. Offsite/Cloud Backup

Many outsource IT companies offer offsite backup or even cloud backups. This ensures that your data remains safe even through the worst technological disasters. 

5. Availability 

Freelance workers only show up when needed or if it fits their schedule. IT departments can’t always handle major crashes and employees are limited to certain work hours. However, outsource IT companies constantly provide the support a freelance company cannot offer. Some outsource IT companies are 24-hour, such as Radiant Technology Solutions. This ensures that no technology crisis is ever too big or too late to handle.

Choose Experience!

Radiant Technology Solutions has a proven track record for reliable outsourced IT support.

Whether you need several computers fixed or an entire crisis avoided, outsourced IT support is the best solution. This is not to say that freelancers or IT departments are outdated. Going forward into the future, you will need the most experienced professionals and a custom plan that tailored to what your business needs. Radiant Technology Solutions designs each plan to be specifically suited to the needs of our customers.  As a result, our clients run their businesses with as little to no worries, when it comes to technology issues and unnecessary costs. 

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