Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

It hasn’t taken long for mobile devices to take over society and our workplaces. Someone is using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop everywhere you look. This is especially true for the employees. Though mobile devices certainly improve efficiency, they also bring plenty of new considerations in terms of privacy, security, and general management.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

Technology experts are implementing MDM solutions in response to “bring your own device” policies. MDM solutions typically take shape in the form of a software used by IT gurus to monitor and secure employees’ mobile devices. The bottom line is that allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices to the workplace comes with an element of risk. Security breaches have the potential to expose sensitive information to criminals, ruin client relationships, and significantly harm your business. Fine-tune your MDM solution so it becomes an essential part of your enterprise mobility management. Otherwise, misplaced or stolen mobile devices could lead to stolen data.

Mobile devices without MDM face a heightened risk of exposure to malware, as well as other horrible viruses that have a good chance of compromising your internal data or even your clients’ confidential information. Once data is compromised, it becomes quite easy for a data breach to occur.

What You Should Look for in an MDM Solution?

There are several MDM solutions to choose from. Though their quirks vary, the following basic features are considered must-haves:

  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Cloud compatibility so updates occur in an automatically
  • Implementation of blacklists, passwords, and a number of other security policies
  • Geofencing for restricted access to certain data and apps according to the user’s location
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Passcode enforcement and wiping of remote data
  • Reporting and logging for compliance
  • Rooting and jailbreaking alerts
  • Backup and restore functions for data protection
  • Scalability to allow new users and increasingly high-tech devices to be accommodated without issue
  • The ability to disable unauthorized applications and devices

Pros and Cons of Bring Your Own Device

A bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy minimizes equipment costs and required office space. It improves worker morale, and ramps up efficiency. BYOD also reduces the burden on your IT team as employees will maintain their own devices. But, the risks of BYOD are quite wide-ranging. Employee devices can result in the exposure of security inadequacies that your IT staff can’t directly evaluate. Also, company anti-virus software will not be present on these devices to battle digital threats.

In general, smartphones and tablets are less secure than traditional desktop and laptops that have pre-configured malware safeguards. Hackers have developed all kinds of ways to attack vulnerable tablets and smartphones. Though a complete ban on these devices won’t win favor with your employees, you should at least establish security protocols and utilize an MDM software.

Other Considerations

MDM solutions will only be as effective as the method in which they are implemented. Review potential MDM solutions to determine if they fit your businesses unique policies and procedures. Think of hypothetical situations like employee terminations. Figure out beforehand how their mobile devices will be utilized. After all, these devices most likely contain sensitive company information. Envision what should happen to the mobile device’s cached data, saved data, access to your corporate system etc.

Navigating through constantly changing and evolving threats can be overwhelming to many businesses. If you’d like to know more about implementing MDM solutions on either work provided mobile devices, or how to tighten up security when allowing a BYOD policy, Radiant Solutions is here to help with the ins and outs of Mobile Device Management Solutions!


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