Is Your Business Prepared For An Unexpected Closure?

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Is Your Business Prepared For An Unexpected Closure?

In today’s world every company should have a solid business continuity plan. COVID-19 caused many businesses and schools to close their doors, employees and students continue to attend meetings, classes and training remotely. Large events have been canceled, and crowded offices are still discouraged. Everyone found themselves asking is my business set-up to properly handle its remote workforce?

Review the questions below to determine what you will need for your company to run smoothly in the event of another temporary office closure.

  • Does your business require any number of employees to be physically in the office?
  • Do you require any of your team to be able to access your systems from out of the
    office at all times?
  • Do you have employees who need to be available onsite and offsite to maintain your
  • Does your team have all of the equipment and software they need to successfully work
    from home?
  • Will your staff operate on company-issued equipment or their own?
  • If they use their own equipment, is it dedicated to work or shared with other family
  • Does your employees’ equipment have a working VPN connection so they can access
    the network from outside of the business?
  • Do they have an acceptable anti-virus?
  • Does your business have dependable internet connection and enough bandwidth to
    handle the remote connection traffic for all of the employees required to work?
  • Do your employees need to answer phone calls?
  • Do they need to have the office phone numbers forwarded to them?

Any of the above will require the help of an experienced IT team.  Radiant Technology Solutions can help you get started on your contingency plan, so that you’re better prepared for if and when a business shutdown occurs. Remember hurricanes, floods and fires can also cause unexpected disruptions to your business, so a contingency plan is always relevant.

If you’re interested in setting up an IT contingency plan Radiant Technology Solutions is here to help.

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