Preparing For A Second Wave


Although the number of COVID-19 infections decreasing in some areas and people beginning to return to a relative state of normalcy, experts are warning of a likely inevitable second wave that could likely come in the 2020-2021 holiday season.  

In the event of a second wave, it’s important to prepare your network now and ensure that you can withstand another potential lockdown as the season approaches. The following are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of issues through preventative, proper, and proactive network management

Identify Weakness and Grow from IT 

No one was prepared for the first wave of COVID-19 when it hit, and many felt it through the increased demands placed on their IT networks. There were many issues that people were required to quickly identify and address, including dramatic increases in IT help desk tickets, congested traffic, and internet bandwidth issues. Tale the time now and  spend more time optimizing your businesses IT network systems, it’s important to turn inward and remove those “quick” fixes and replace them with better solutions. 

Any weaknesses that might appear minor now could be potentially devastating to productivity if left unresolved.  

Continue to Fine-Tune your businesses Digital Flexibility 

Consider areas of work-from-home digital flexibility that you may not have been able to address during the first wave. If you can get the most from your computer network and improve performance, it’s best to research what you can do before a second wave has the chance to hit. 

Some ways you can effectively optimize your networks include: 

  • Develop new workflows for the efficient deployment of people and resources to remote areas  
  • Ordering necessary computer equipment in advance of any shortages (it is good practice to have spare equipment in the event of an emergency) 
  • Establishing a reliable data backup solution 
  • Implementing a disaster recovery plan  
  • Educating your employees of security risks 
  • Improving IT security, especially with people working from their own personal computers 
  • If not already using it, research the many benefits of SharePoint 

Whether your employees have been able to return to the office or are still stuck at home working, take time to hold some IT education events. From live demonstrations to webinars or online courses, make sure your team has a strong understanding of your system and what is needed to maintain flexibility and security. You can physically demonstrate certain technical details and steps required to address specific issues or perform various tasks. 

Refresh and improve your company’s disaster recovery plan. You can designate roles for each person to play in the event you have to enact your recovery plan, which will further prepare your business for the worst-case scenario. For instance, someone could be responsible for relocating operations, while others oversee monitoring cash flow and sales, completing the tasks required to restore operations, or accessing secure systems and authorizing other employees. 

Need Help? Contact Radiant Technology Solutions

If you need some assistance with network management and preparation, it’s often best to work with experts who can provide the best solution based on your business’s specific needs. With the help of the professional IT support team and Managed IT Services we provide at Radiant Technology Solutions, you can stay always prepared. We have all the tools and expertise required to keep your systems functioning the way it should. We do IT so you don’t have to! 


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