December 2020

buying a laptop

When you are on the hunt for a new personal laptop. The market is saturated with options. It can be hard to search through the many features and benefits and understand what the best laptop for you would be. First, as you look through the features, you need to keep in mind how you will use this laptop. For example, if you are not a gamer, you...

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Multifactor Authentication

Who has access to your business’s network? At first glance, the answer may seem simple: your employees. However, if your business is one of many that does not use multifactor authentication (MFA), you may be unintentionally exposing your employees’ accounts to hacking attempts.  MFA is a method of authentication that requires users to provide one or more additional proof of identity besides their password. The goal...

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IT Consulting Services

When you have decided to outsource some or all your business-critical IT functions, finding the right partner for your business is not easy. There is not a one-size-fits-all provider who can be considered “the best” and right for every company. Different MSPs will be better partners for you than others. Sorting through these providers will take time, but we have come up with a few...

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